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Neurolens 101: How They Can Help Relieve Your Eye Symptoms

Do you suffer from headaches, fatigue, glare, dry eye, or neck stiffness?  Have you ever wondered why you have these symptoms?  These symptoms can be the result of a condition called Trigeminal dysphoria, and it turns out your eyes could be the problem.

How to Safely View the Solar Eclipse: Eye Protection Tips

Are you ready for a spectacular celestial event? The April 8th solar eclipse is fast approaching, promising a breathtaking experience for skywatchers across the globe. This natural phenomenon, where the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, has fascinated humanity for centuries. But as you prepare to witness this awe-inspiring event, it's crucial to prioritize your safety.

Dry Eye or Something More? Understanding Signs and Symptoms of Common Eye Disorders

The eyes, being one of the most vital organs in our bodies, are susceptible to various disorders.   Among these disorders, dry eye is one of the most common complaints eye doctors hear from their patients. However, other disorders can mimic the symptoms of dry eye, leading to confusion and, sometimes, misdiagnosis. It's essential to differentiate between these conditions to ensure the right treatment.

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